VALORANT: Complete Collection of Clove Agent Gear

By Arjun Nair
VALORANT: Complete Collection of Clove Agent Gear

Introducing Clove: VALORANT’s Newest Agent

Packed with a whole range of new abilities, Clove, the latest addition to VALORANT’s agent roster, is ready to shake up the battlefield. Whether you’re on their team or against them, Clove’s abilities are sure to both terrify and delight. With tricks like using smokes even while dead and a self-resurrect ultimate, Clove is a force to be reckoned with as they climb the ranked ladder.

All of Clove’s Agent Gear in VALORANT

If you’re looking to spruce up your look in VALORANT and show off some new gear, Clove’s agent gear is the perfect option. Here are all the goodies you can get with Clove:

Agent Card

Clove has two agent cards available, featuring a silver and purple butterfly design. These stylish cards are the perfect way to customize your profile in the game.


Express yourself with Clove’s unique sprays. Choose from three different designs, including a rock-themed spray, a sad but not broken spray, and a wordmark spray fit for an immortal.

Flutter Ghost

Complete your look with the Flutter Ghost skin for the agent Ghost weapon. This skin features a beautiful butterfly design and is a must-have for any Clove fan.

Metal Wings Gun Buddy

Finally, equip the Metal Wings gun buddy to show off your style in the game. This gun buddy features a stunning wing design and adds a touch of flair to your weapons.

With all these agent gear options, you can become a true Clove fan and stand out on the battlefield. Unlock these items through grinding and unleash your style in VALORANT.

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