Clove’s Smokes Provide VALORANT’s Cautious Controller Mains with a Hidden Advantage

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The Game-Changing Abilities of Clove in VALORANT

As a VALORANT controller main, I can confidently say that the past few years have been challenging for us. With nerfs to Viper and Harbor’s lackluster impact, the controller meta has been struggling. Thankfully, Riot has introduced Clove, a new agent with post-death magic that brings some much-needed spice to the game.

The Enigmatic Abilities of Clove

Clove, the mischievous Agent 25 in VALORANT, has a set of abilities focused on the power of life after death. Unlike other controller agents, Clove is designed to move alongside the duelists on their team and secure kills.

Their smokes are prettier after death. Image via Riot Games

What sets Clove apart is their Ruse ability, which allows them to deploy smokes even after death. No other VALORANT controllers can offer such a feature. Clove was designed to be a frontline controller who isn’t selfish.

Unleashing Aggression with Clove

As a controller main, I’ve always had to play defensively in VALORANT games to ensure my team has access to smokes whenever they need them. But with Clove, that won’t be the case anymore. I can now rush with my duelists without worrying about dying, as long as someone on my team can trade the kill. Even after I die, I can still bother enemies with Clove’s colorful post-death smokes.

A Blessing in Disguise for Controller Experts

Clove is undoubtedly a blessing in disguise for controller experts with excellent aim who have felt limited by their role. Now, you can ignore calls like “Don’t push, we need your smokes” and take matters into your own hands. This is especially helpful if your team’s main duelist ends up being a lurker. Additionally, you can rely on abilities like Meddle and Pick-Me-Up to support your duelist mentality.

Exploring Clove’s Ultimate Ability

Clove’s ultimate ability, Not Dead Yet, is truly unique. It allows you to defy death, but there’s a catch. You either need to deal with a damaging assist or kill an enemy before the timer expires to stay alive. It’s a flashy and powerful ability, but it’s also situational. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings before using it, as you may be vulnerable during the resurrecting animation if there are lurking enemies nearby.

Clove: A Selfish Controller Agent

While Clove’s abilities are unique and exciting, they are meant to be used in a selfish manner. When selecting Clove, it’s advisable to have an Omen or Brimstone as a secondary controller on your team. Clove’s kit doesn’t offer as much as a solo controller on defense.

Remember Your Role as a Controller

Before instalocking Clove in your VALORANT games, especially on control-heavy maps, such as Breeze and Lotus, make sure you know what you’re doing. As a controller, you play a crucial role in the team’s strategy.

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