Valorant, Riot Games’ latest FPS hero shooter, launched in 2020 and quickly matured as an esports title, hosting regular events and competitions. Inspired by Counter-Strike and Overwatch, it’s a 5v5 tactical shooter where teams face off in round-based plant/defuse missions. The first to secure 13 rounds wins. Although a relatively new esport, Valorant has already made its way into betting markets, sharing similarities with CS:GO’s betting scene.

Valorant Latest News

VALORANT’s Harbor Continues to Suffer from Low Pick-Rate, with Limited Support from VCT 2024 Pros

Harbor: The Least-Picked Agent in VALORANT Harbor, an agent in the game VALORANT, is currently the least-picked character in almost

Fnatic VALORANT remains dedicated to championship roster with extended Alfajer contract

Fnatic Extends Emir "Alfajer" Beder's Contract Until 2026 The renowned esports organization, Fnatic, is gearing up for their 2024 run

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VALORANT Patch 8.03: Chamber updates, VCT team skins, and fixes revealed

VALORANT Patch 8.03: Chamber Buffs and VCT Partner Team Skin Capsules The upcoming VALORANT Patch 8.03 brings exciting updates, including

VALORANT Store Now Offers VCT-Themed Skins, Gun Buddies, and More

Riot Games Partners with VCT Organizations for In-Game Representations Riot Games has announced a partnership with its 44 VCT organizations

2024 VALORANT Team Capsules for VCT

VALORANT Champions Tour Team Capsules Unveiled Exciting news for VALORANT enthusiasts as the long-awaited VALORANT Champions Tour Team Capsules are

VALORANT global community demands VCT schedule adjustments following 100T’s early exit from Kickoff matches

VCT 2024 Kickoff Brings Major Drama The long-awaited return of tier-one VALORANT action has finally arrived with the VCT 2024