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Apex Professional Players Unite as Vigilante Squad to Tackle Rise in Cheating

Apex Legends Players Take On Cheaters in Season 20 Unfortunately, Apex Legends has faced extensive cheating issues in previous seasons.

NickMercs Explores Fresh Endeavors Beyond ALGS, Indicating Tripods’ Demise

NICKMERCS Ends Professional Apex Legends Journey as His ALGS Team Disbands NICKMERCS' time in the Apex Legends competitive scene seems

Team Lust Signs TSM Archrivals: DarkZero Boosts Apex Legends Women’s Growth

DarkZero and TSM's Famous Rivalry Extends to Apex Legends Women's Scene DarkZero and TSM have always been rivals in the

Apex Legends developers thrill players with swift Wingman nerfs early in season 20

Wingman nerfs implemented in response to player complaints The Wingman, a popular weapon in Apex Legends, has undergone changes in

Apex Legends Welcomes Season 20 with Legend Upgrades and Armor Systems

Apex Legends Season 20: Breakout Updates Every Legend The popular battle royale game, Apex Legends, kicks off its fifth year

Apex Legends Season 20: Unveiling the Latest Patch Notes

Apex Legends Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Season 20 Update Apex Legends is marking its fifth anniversary with a massive season

Latest Cheating Fiasco: Apex Legends Lobbies Overwhelmed by Player-Hunting Bots

Apex Legends Players Face Bot Invasion Apex Legends players have always dreamt of dominating the competition, but one cheater has