VALORANT introduces a new agent, Clove, capable of self-resurrection with their ultimate ability.

By Arjun Nair

The New VALORANT Agent, Clove, is Set to Change the Meta Game

Clove, the latest agent in VALORANT, hails from Scotland and is expected to have a significant impact on the game’s meta. One of Clove’s ultimate abilities, called Not Dead Yet, allows them to resurrect themselves immediately after death. However, there is a small catch. The ultimate must be activated within two seconds of dying, and Clove has about 11 to 12 seconds to secure a kill or damaging assist. If they fail to do so, they will die again. Fans of League of Legends will recognize a similar effect in the MOBA game through Renata Glasc’s Bailout ability.

The Ultimate Ability with a Twist

Even without their ultimate, Clove can still contribute to their team’s success by using their smoke ability, Ruse, even after death. This allows Clove to bring up a global map similar to Brimstone’s and deploy multiple smokes simultaneously.

Addition to Clove’s Kit

Clove’s ability kit includes a Molotov-like ability called Meddle, which applies Decay to caught enemies, and a Reyna-like ability called Pick-Me-Up. With Pick-Me-Up, Clove can absorb haste and temporary health from an enemy they’ve killed or damaged.

A Controller Ability Kit Like No Other

Clove’s ability kit deviates from conventional design, encouraging players to be more aggressive and strategic in their gameplay. Even if Clove dies, they can still have an impact on the round, especially if their ultimate ability is available. According to agent gameplay designer Dan Hardison, it is sometimes beneficial for Clove to take risks and sacrifice themselves to remove enemy utility from the round.

This unique ability kit aims to disrupt the current “very retake heavy” controller meta in VALORANT. Unlike the current crop of controllers who primarily use utility to stall and leave the site, Clove’s abilities promote more proactive gameplay and playmaking.

Overall, Clove’s arrival in VALORANT brings exciting possibilities and gameplay dynamics that will surely shake up the meta. Players can expect a fresh and aggressive approach to the game when utilizing Clove’s unique set of abilities.

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