Palworld Latest News

Palworld achieves higher player count than all-time total of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The hugely popular game Palworld has surpassed 25 million players in just one month, making it a monumental success. This

Revelations surface regarding the fate of deceased Pals and humans in Palworld gaming community

The Dark Side of Palworld: Cute Creatures and Dark Themes A game that combines adorable collectable creatures with dark themes

Palworld Players Call for Devs to Prioritize “Frustrating” Base-Building in Next Update

Players Want Big Changes in Base-Building in Palworld Base-building is a crucial aspect of Palworld, along with catching Pals and

Suspicion arises as skilled Palworld player achieves consecutive extraordinary captures

Veteran Palworld Fans Accuse New Player of Cheating In a recent gameplay clip shared on the Palworld subreddit, veteran fans

Mod for Palworld Game Resolves Key Farming Challenges for Enhanced Convenience

Palworld Mod Makes Farming Easier A new mod for Palworld has been developed that simplifies the process of obtaining crucial

Players of Palworld seek additional cruel features following the butchering of Pals

Controversial Feature in Palworld Has Players Butchering Pals for Rewards Players in Palworld face a difficult choice when it comes

Discover a quick trick in Palworld to collect your beloved Pals effortlessly

Palworld's Success Supported by Addictive Open World Grind In the beginning of 2024, Palworld achieved remarkable success due to various