This strange glitch in Cypher’s Neural Theft ability might cost you an important round in VALORANT

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**Title: Cypher’s Ultimate in Valorant Appears to Have a Bug**

Valorant’s mechanics are designed to be predictable, allowing players to strategically track their opponents’ movements. However, even this popular game is not immune to bugs that disrupt the gaming experience, and it seems that Cypher’s ultimate ability is the latest victim of such a bug.

Incorrect Enemy Pings

As highlighted by a concerned Valorant player on Reddit, there seems to be a bug affecting Cypher’s Neural Theft ability, which is causing incorrect enemy location pings. In the accompanying video, you can see that the first ping of Neural Theft suggests that Viper is located near A Main’s Bricks on the Breeze map.

Reddit Video

Unanticipated Encounter

Based on the initial ping, the player decides to move down the mid lane, not expecting any enemies in the Mid Stack area. However, to their surprise, they are suddenly met with Viper’s Snake Bite and a lethal Vandal headshot. This bug occurred during a three-vs-three situation, ultimately costing the affected player’s team a round they could have won.

Anomalous Movement

Some Valorant players in the Reddit thread attempted to justify the situation by suggesting that Viper had quickly moved from A Main to Mid Stack in the short duration between pings. However, this raises doubts. Can someone cover that much distance on foot in just two seconds, unless they possess Yoru’s teleportation ability? Moreover, the player began running down Mid immediately after the first ping, which means that if Viper had really walked from A Main to Mid Stack, the player would have spotted her crossing from Mid Doors to Stack.

A Probable Bug Explanation

The most plausible explanation for this situation is a bug affecting Cypher’s Neural Theft ability. It is likely that there is a glitch on the enemy’s side that triggers an anomaly, causing the ultimate ability to malfunction. Another player in the Reddit thread mentioned that the pings from various players fluctuate significantly, suggesting a potential server hiccup that could lead to the reported glitch.

Unfortunately, despite our efforts to reproduce this bug, we have not been successful so far. If it is not a one-time server glitch, then it is undoubtedly a game-breaking bug in Valorant that requires immediate attention from Riot Games. We certainly don’t want it to impact our favorite esports players during their upcoming VCT battles.

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