Betano and the Romanian Football Federation to Extend Partnership Until 2030

By Saloni Sehmi
Betano and the Romanian Football Federation extend partnership until 2030

Betano Extends Partnership with Romanian Football Federation

Betano, part of Kaizen Gaming, has announced an extension of its partnership with the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) until 2030. This significant milestone demonstrates the shared commitment between Betano and FRF to enhance sport in Romania.

The partnership between Betano and FRF has been instrumental in growing the popularity of the Cupa Romaniei Betano, one of Romania’s beloved football competitions. This season, the Cup has introduced a new format to engage fans both in the stands and at home.

As part of the collaboration, Betano has actively participated in marketing efforts alongside FRF, media partners, and qualifying teams. Their joint goal is to increase the visibility of the competition and engage football fans. An exciting new development is the TV and digital show Bate Cupa, which highlights all 24 qualified teams and showcases players’ skills in a captivating and unconventional manner.

Betano and FRF are dedicated to further supporting Romanian football with more initiatives planned for this year. Both parties believe that Cupa Romaniei Betano will continue to gain enthusiasm and prestige.

Julio Iglesias, Chief Commercial Officer of Kaizen Gaming, expressed their commitment to the growth of sports in Romania and shared his belief in the competition’s success. Răzvan Burleanu, the President of FRF, also expressed his excitement about the partnership’s extension and its crucial contribution to Romanian football’s development and promotion.

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The extended partnership between Betano and the Romanian Football Federation showcases their dedication to promoting excellence in Romanian football. Through their collaborative efforts, they aim to elevate the Cupa Romaniei Betano and strengthen its position as a significant sporting event in the country.

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