How to Score Eight Kills with Clove’s Kit – Shatter the Max Kills-Per-Round Rule

By Arjun Nair

VALORANT Agent Clove Allows Players to Score More Kills per Round

VALORANT players have discovered a unique advantage with the new Agent Clove. Not only does Clove bring mischief to the game, but their kit also allows players to defy the maximum of six kills per round rule. This revelation has created a buzz within the community.

The Combination of Clove and Sage’s Resurrection

A significant discovery was made during Clove’s unveiling at the VCT Masters Madrid finals. Players realized that when Clove’s ability “Not Dead Yet” is combined with Sage’s Resurrection, the maximum number of kills per round can be increased to nine. Previously, players could only achieve up to six kills per round.

An Analysis by koshkamatew_yt

Curious players can refer to a Reddit post by user koshkamatew_yt, who did a complex mathematical analysis to determine how players can achieve the maximum kills with Clove’s kit. Although scoring nine kills in a round is highly theoretical, the analysis provides insights into the possibilities.

How to Score Eight Kills with Clove’s Kit

For players looking for a more achievable goal, scoring eight kills in a round may be within reach. Here’s the breakdown of the steps required:

  1. Both teams should have a Clove and a Sage with their ultimates ready.
  2. The player aiming for maximum kills (referred to as X) should eliminate three enemies, excluding the enemy Clove and enemy Sage.
  3. The enemy Sage should revive one of their teammates. X eliminates the revived enemy.
  4. The enemy Sage collects two ultimate orbs and eliminates two of X’s teammates.
  5. X’s Sage revives one of their teammates. The enemy Sage eliminates the revived player, X’s Sage, and Clove. Clove then revives themselves, and the enemy Sage eliminates them again.
  6. The enemy Sage has her ultimate again and revives a teammate other than Clove.
  7. X eliminates the revived player, the enemy Sage, and Clove. Clove revives themselves, and X eliminates them, resulting in eight kills.

While an eight-kill round is more plausible than a nine-kill round, it is unlikely to happen in ranked VALORANT games. The sequence of events required would take too long, and the round timer would likely expire before completion.

However, a seven-kill round with Clove is a more reasonable goal in ranked games. Players are encouraged to attempt this feat and capture it for a highlight clip.

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