NA Representatives Confirmed for ALGS Regional Finals, Following Replay Conducted Privately

By Arjun Nair
NA Representatives Confirmed for ALGS Regional Finals, Following Replay Conducted Privately

The ALGS North American Regional Final: TSM Takes the Surprise Victory

The ALGS North American Regional Final, originally scheduled to be broadcasted, took place off-broadcast to prevent further disruption and protect the players. TSM emerged as the surprise winners after a five-game final, dominating the leaderboard with 80 points. Unfortunately, XSet and OpTic Gaming did not reach the qualification threshold for the Split One Playoffs.

The Infamous ALGS Hacks and Speculation

A player named Destroyer2009 injected cheats into the accounts of pro players Genburten and ImperialHal, abruptly ending the original March 18 Regional Final. Fans expected a public replay of the event, but on March 25, it was noticed that none of the pro players were streaming, with all of them listed as being in a “custom lobby” on Apex Legends Status. Speculation started to build that the games were being played secretly, away from the public eye.

ALGS fans quickly noticed the absence of their favorite players from Twitch.

Suspicions were confirmed when live match scores began streaming on Apex Legends Status, revealing the lineups that will be attending the ALGS Split One Playoffs in LA from May 2 to 6.

TSM’s Victory and Team Performances

In typical TSM style, the winning team did not secure a victory until game five, but their consistency throughout the tournament allowed them to accumulate enough points to reach the Match Point threshold. They steadily climbed the leaderboard, placing second in games one to four.

The most significant changes happened in the middle of the regular split leaderboard, where teams had to perform well in the Regional Final to secure their place at the Split One Playoffs. XSET faced difficulties in accumulating points due to contests with Ape Gang, ultimately ending up in 13th place for the overall Split One run.

OpTic, despite their impressive performance in the Year Three Championship, were unable to earn enough points and finished in 14th place, missing out on LAN.

Teams Joining the 2024 ALGS Split One Playoffs

With the conclusion of the NA Regional Final, the full list of teams for the 2024 ALGS Split One Playoffs is now confirmed. The North American representatives include DarkZero, Moist Esports, TSM, Legacy, Disguised, Elev8Gaming, Spacestation Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, Complexity, Furia, Cloud9, and Oxygen Esports.

Broadcast Release and Community Sleuthing

Although the NA Regional Final was not initially broadcasted, an official recording will be released on March 26, as confirmed by ImperialHal. Several players have announced watch parties for the broadcast, including the regular ALGS B-Stream host, NiceWigg. While EA’s efforts to prevent disruption were successful, they should never underestimate the sleuthing powers of the Apex Legends community.

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