Exclusive rewards await as Twitch revamps its Hype Trains, yet they remain out of reach

By Saloni Sehmi
Twitch's new Hype Train KappaInfinite emote.

Twitch Adds Exclusive Rewards to Hype Train Feature

Twitch has announced new updates to its Hype Train feature, providing even more incentives for viewers to participate in their favorite streamers’ chatrooms. These exclusive high-tier global Emote rewards can be unlocked as the Hype Train reaches different level milestones. To reach these levels, viewers can show support to the streamers through monetary features that benefit both Twitch and Amazon, the platform’s owner.

If you have never participated in a Hype Train before, it is a visual mechanic that appears in a streamer’s Twitch chat when a spike of support events occurs. This can include floods of Bits, subscriptions, or Hyper Chats. By supporting streamers in these ways, viewers contribute to Twitch’s revenue and encourage the development of appealing features like the Hype Train.

However, some of the Hype Train reward emotes will require a massive amount of money to unlock. In fact, it is estimated that unlocking a few of these emotes will cost upwards of $40,000.

Understanding Hype Train Levels and Costs

Streaming reporter Zach Bussey has analyzed Hype Train levels, providing insights into the amount of money required to reach each milestone. Based on data from past performances, Twitch has added high-tier global Emote rewards to levels 10, 25, 50, and 100.

For example, to reach level 10 and unlock the BleedPurpleHD emote, it would take approximately $400. Level 25, which unlocks the HeyHeyGuys emote, would require around $5,000. Finally, the level 50 milestone, which awards the PogChomp emote, would demand a significant investment of $40,000.

While these levels have been achieved by active streamers in the past, level 100 remains a mystery. However, Bussey predicts that reaching level 100 would cost roughly $500,000 and would unlock a new emote called KappaInfinite.

The Unlikely Unlocking of KappaInfinite

Due to the Hype Train resetting levels if support events are not triggered within the given time limit, it is unlikely that we will see the community come together to unlock KappaInfinite at level 100. Unlocking this reward would require a coordinated effort by a streamer with a large community, such as during a subathon.

Despite the potential challenges, Twitch’s Hype Train feature continues to provide excitement and rewards for viewers who support their favorite streamers through monetary contributions. The addition of these exclusive high-tier global Emote rewards adds even more allure to the Hype Train, making it an engaging and interactive experience for all involved.

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