Early Patch 14.7 Notes for LoL

By Ishaan Khatri
Early Patch 14.7 Notes for LoL

League of Legends’ upcoming update, Patch 14.7, will be one of the biggest patches of the 2024 season. In this bumper update, the long-awaited Skarner rework is the highlight. Alongside the Crystal Vanguard’s new look, there are significant changes to Enchanter champions, a controversial LP swap, and April Fools’ cosmetics.

Additionally, more than a dozen League champions will receive buffs and nerfs, and Statikk Shiv will be adjusted once again. Now, let’s dive into the details of the Patch 14.7 update.

When will League Patch 14.7 go live?

League Patch 14.7 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, April 3. Riot will typically provide extensive details about the patch a week before its release. The extended patch preview for Patch 14.7 is expected in late March, with the official patch notes coming in early April.

What’s new in League Patch 14.7?

Skarner steals the show

The most significant update in Patch 14.7 is the long-awaited rework of Skarner. Riot has teased the visual and gameplay changes for this champion since 2022. The rework was decided through a community vote over two years ago, and now players will finally get to experience the results.

The Skarner rework aims to make him a more mobile and menacing CC-focused tank. Most of his abilities have been overhauled or enhanced compared to their previous versions.

Enchanter supports continue to get tweaked

Riot has been working on scaling back the damage of Enchanter supports since Patch 14.5 and Patch 14.6. The goal is to prioritize their utility abilities and heals over their damage output. Further changes to champions like Karma, Nami, and Sona, as well as the entire support role, will be implemented in Patch 14.7.

LP changes could make ranked climbing harder

Patch 14.7 will introduce a systematic change that makes it more challenging to regain a higher rank after experiencing a demotion. Instead of being set back to 75 LP after a demotion, players will now start at 50 LP. This means it will take at least three League matches to reach the previous rank, compared to the original two matches.

April Fools 2024 skin line is super silly

In line with the April Fools’ event, Patch 14.7 will introduce new and silly skins. Ornn, Twitch, Rammus, Cho’gath, and Zac will receive fun and lighthearted one-off skins. These champions have fewer skins compared to others in the game, making the April Fools’ event a perfect opportunity to give them some unique cosmetic options.

League Patch 14.7 patch notes


Several champions will receive changes in Patch 14.7. Here are some of the notable adjustments:

– Galio: Passive ability power ratio increased, W base damage resistance increased, and E base damage increased.
– Karma: R plus E secondary shield increased, W root duration increased.
– Kayn: Q bonus attack damage ratio increased for base and Assassin’s form.
– Lux: Passive ability power ratio increased, Q ability power increased.
– Nasus: P lifesteal increased, Q base damage increased.
– Olaf: Various adjustments to Q, W, E, and R abilities.
– Smolder: Armor increased, Q’s critical strike ratio increased.
– And more.


Patch 14.7 also brings changes to several items:

– Bloodsong: Spellblade’s base attack damage ratio reduced.
– Imperial Mandate: Current health damage reduced.
– Statikk Shiv: Price increased.
– Za’Zak’s Realmspike: Void Explosion damage reduced, cooldown increased.
– And more.

These are just some highlights from the patch notes. More details will be released by Riot soon.


League Patch 14.7 is expected to be a significant update with the Skarner rework as its main attraction. Alongside the Crystal Vanguard’s update, Enchanter changes, LP adjustments, and April Fools’ cosmetics await players. Stay tuned for more details from Riot as they release the official patch notes in early April.

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