Amouranth Receives Her 10th Twitch Suspension, Including the Latest One While Getting Her Nails Done

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Amouranth Banned on Twitch for the 10th Time

Popular Twitch streamer, Amouranth, has once again found herself banned from the platform. This marks the 10th ban that she has received, according to StreamerBans.

Streaming Live Despite the Ban

Despite the ban, Amouranth is currently live on her Kick channel. The stream is titled “FEET GUYS STAND UP” as she indulges in a manicure and pedicure session at a nail salon. It remains unclear why she has been banned this time, as there has been no official explanation.

Amouranth winking to the camera
Despite the ban, Amouranth continues to thrive. Photo via Amouranth

Possible Violation of Twitch Guidelines

Amouranth’s Twitch channel currently displays the message that it is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. However, this message is a default one for temporary bans, so the exact reason for the ban remains unknown.

This is not the first time Amouranth has faced a ban. In fact, it is her second ban in just four days, following a shorter ban that lasted under three hours. After her previous ban, she even tweeted about it, offering free access to her OnlyFans account. At present, she has not made any public statements about her latest ban.

The Controversial AI Chatbot

Amouranth made headlines recently when she launched an AI chatbot that impersonates her on Kick. The chatbot is designed to mimic her personality and has the ability to remember conversations. While some users found it intriguing, others criticized her for it. In response, Amouranth defended the chatbot, stating that it can be therapeutic for users.

The news of Amouranth’s ban sparked numerous reactions on social media. Many users expressed curiosity about the reason behind the ban and questioned why it has not become permanent yet. Additionally, there were jokes circulating about how quickly she would be unbanned this time.

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