Players of Helldivers 2 report spotting ‘worrying’ vessels above Automaton planets

By Amelia Heisecke
Players of Helldivers 2 report spotting 'worrying' vessels above Automaton planets

Are the Massive Ships a Sign of Trouble in Helldivers 2?

Some Helldivers 2 community members suspect that the ongoing war against Automatons is about to take a turn for the worse after spotting massive ships looming in the distance.

Community Concerns

A Helldivers 2 player on Reddit posted images of what appear to be cloaked massive ships over several different Automaton planets. This would align with what we already know about the Automatons and their plans. Operation Swift Disassembly uncovered The Reclamation, which is rumored to be a “massive invasion of unprecedented scale.”

The Threat Grows

Fighting the Automatons in Helldivers 2
Fighting against Automatons is never a good time. Screenshot by ESN.GG

To add more fuel to the fire, phase one of Operation Swift Disassembly revealed transmissions containing blueprints for new Automaton aerial gunships. When phase two of the major order failed, Super Earth claimed the enemy forces were able to increase ship production. The current mission tasks players with holding their ground for one final push in an effort to stop The Reclamation. If this Major Order goes awry, community members have begun to speculate that the massive ships in the sky might wreak havoc.

Official Statements vs. Community Theories

A moderator for the Helldivers 2 Reddit page did their best to dispel any fear by claiming what they are seeing is just “swamp gas.” Some community members played into the bit and aren’t ready to accept anything other than an official statement from Super Earth.

“I don’t see anything until command tells me to,” one player joked. The best way for players to avoid any looming threat is to successfully defend Malevelon Creek, Draupnir, and Ubanea for the current Major Order.

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