Exo Clan Makes Surprise Purchase of Apex Giants Element 6 in EMEA

By Arjun Nair
KSWINNIIE pulls a face at the camera during the 2023 Year 3 ALGS Championship

Element 6 Acquired by Exo Clan in a Shock Takeover

Following an April 1 teasing message from KSWINNIIE, the in-game leader of Element 6 (E6), the organization has been acquired by Exo Clan in a surprising takeover. This acquisition marks the end of an era in Apex Legends as KSWINNIIE now represents the Exo Clan brand.

The E6 logo has been a familiar sight in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) since January 2021. The organization was formed in Holland and found its base in Ireland. In October of the same year, the iconic French captain KSWINNIIE joined the team. Despite being consistently present among the top-performing teams in the EMEA region, E6 was never able to secure a LAN title.

The acquisition of E6 by Exo Clan signifies a natural continuation of Exo Clan’s planned expansion in the EMEA region. Exo Clan recently acquired UTFT in October 2023 and integrated their Apex lineup and support staff into their organization. However, this roster, along with the coaching staff, was released to make way for the E6 takeover. Exo Clan now owns E6’s operations, including the Apex team, management, and content creators.

E6’s journey in the Year Four Split One season started off strong, but they faced the disappointing news of failing to qualify for the Split One Playoffs in Los Angeles. This cast doubt on their future in the Apex Legends competitive scene. The team has been known for its frequent roster changes, especially between 2022 and 2023, where they made seven changes within a fourteen-month period. Although KSWINNIIE played with both Cjraked and Slab during Split One, only KSWINNIIE and Cjracked are confirmed to be joining Exo Clan. This implies that Exo Clan will need to sign a new player to complete their lineup.

KSWINNIIE had hinted at major changes on the horizon in a recent April 1 post. While some suspected it was an April Fools’ Day prank, it now appears to be a genuine reflection on his time with E6. In his post, KSWINNIIE stated, “at least I gave everything I had during my time there, I think… But everything comes to an end at some point.” This sentiment aligns with the end of his era as part of the Element 6 branding.

With E6 not qualifying for the ALGS Split One Playoffs in Los Angeles, the roster will now compete under the Exo Clan brand when Split Two begins in June.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Element 6 by Exo Clan has brought an end to an era in Apex Legends. Exo Clan’s expansion in the EMEA region continues with their acquisition of E6’s operations. With KSWINNIIE joining Exo Clan, fans can expect exciting developments in the Apex Legends competitive scene.

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