Player ruthlessly ensnares Black Marketeer for Gold farming in Palworld.

Palworld Players Get Creative with Controversial NPC Mechanics

Some players of the popular game Palworld have found a unique and controversial way to utilize the ability to capture human NPCs. By suspending a Black Marketeer from a Hanging Trap and placing a Camp Fire beneath, players have discovered a method to accumulate Gold.

A video, shared by a player named u/Jjzeng on Feb. 6, demonstrates this technique. The player constructs a Hanging Trap and hangs a Black Marketeer from it. They then position a Camp Fire beneath the NPC, effectively burning them as a means to farm Gold. However, this act causes the Marketeer to glitch and flail in apparent distress.

This unusual and inhumane tactic has sparked some controversy within the Palworld community. While some players find it disturbing, others consider it a creative use of game mechanics. Regardless, the Marketeer’s reaction adds an unexpected layer of realism to the game.

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