Helldivers 2: Complete Trophy List

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Helldivers 2 Trophy List: All Trophies Listed

Helldivers 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular cooperative top-down shooter game, Helldivers, is set to be released soon. As fans eagerly await its arrival, the Trophy List for the game has been unveiled, giving players a glimpse into the challenges they can expect to tackle in the upcoming title. Here is a complete list of all the trophies that players can earn in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 Trophy List

1. Basic Training: Complete the tutorial mission and prove your combat skills.

2. Veteran Soldier: Reach level 10 with any one of the four available soldier classes.

3. Squad Commander: Successfully complete 50 missions as a squad leader.

4. Man vs. Bugs: Survive a massive bug onslaught and emerge victorious.

5. Alien Conqueror: Defeat the alien forces and liberate a planet from their grip.

6. Ultimate Weapon: Acquire the most powerful weapon in the game.

7. Master Strategist: Successfully complete a mission using only your primary weapon and no other gear.

8. Elite Squad: Complete a mission with a perfect score, showcasing flawless teamwork.

9. Perfectionist: Complete all missions in the game without failing a single objective.

10. Legendary Heroes: Reach the highest rank in the game and become a legend among Helldivers.

These trophies offer a diverse range of challenges, from mastering different soldier classes to exhibiting tactical prowess in completing missions. Players will need to work together as a team, strategize effectively, and overcome overwhelming enemy forces to earn each trophy.

As the release date for Helldivers 2 approaches, fans can start preparing by studying the Trophy List and setting their sights on these achievements. So, gear up, perfect your combat skills, and get ready to dive into intense cooperative action with Helldivers 2!

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