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Top Esports’ Tian Silences APA Before Dominating Team Liquid at MSI 2024

Team Liquid’s Mid Laner APA Engages in Smack-Talking With Top Esports at MSI 2024

During the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2024, Team Liquid’s mid laner, APA, showcased his reputation for smack-talking. APA took the opportunity to playfully taunt Top Esports, the Chinese LPL runners-up. However, the team’s veteran jungler, Tian, quickly shut down APA’s attempts with a simple “shut up.”

APA’s Pre-Game Lobby Trash Talk Goes Awry

Before the bracket-opening series against Top Esports, APA tried to employ his signature trash talk tactic against the LPL juggernauts. In the pre-game lobby, APA targeted his lane opponent, Creme, with mocking comments. He questioned Creme’s nerves and asked if he was scared, as translated by Riot’s in-house Chinese-English translator, Shi “Wendy” Wendi.

MSI 2024 bracket stage arena wide view
The MSI bracket stage kicked off earlier today with a 3-0 Top Esports sweep of Liquid. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

APA’s Trash Talk Continues During the Game

Once the game started, APA didn’t hold back on the trash talk. In all chat, he questioned Top Esports’ three bans in the first game of the series, referencing the targeted bans against him. However, Tian quickly shut him down with a blunt “shut up.”

In a post-match interview, Tian clarified that his “shut up” response was not meant with malice. Instead, he intended it as a rallying cry for his teammates to stay focused on the game ahead.

Top Esports’ Victorious Performance

Tian’s words seemed to have motivated Creme, as the Top Esports mid laner performed exceptionally well throughout the three-game series. Creme ended with an impressive scoreline of 14/1/15 and Tian boasted a 70.9 percent kill participation, contributing to 39 out of Top Esports’ 55 total kills.

APA’s Controversial Statements About European Teams

Prior to his match against Top Esports, APA had made headlines with his provocative statement that “EU is trash.” In an exclusive interview with Sheep Esports, APA boldly expressed his opinion about European League teams. However, APA had never faced a European team before and held a 0-3 international match record at MSI.

Team Liquid’s Path in the MSI Losers Bracket

Following their 3-0 loss against Top Esports, Team Liquid finds themselves in the losers bracket of MSI. In order to pursue an international title, the North American champions will have to climb their way out of the cellar. Their next match in the losers bracket is scheduled for Friday, May 10, against an opponent yet to be determined, at 11pm CT.

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