Riot seeks to revive Nasus’s late game drain tank role in League of Legends solo queue

By Ishaan Khatri
Nasus stands tall holding his staff in a desert sandstorm in League of Legends.

Nasus Receives a Healthy Boost in Patch 14.7 to Restore His Lategame Power

Nasus, the reliable scaling top-laner in League of Legends, is set to receive significant improvements in Patch 14.7. The developers at Riot Games aim to enhance his damage and life steal abilities, emphasizing his role as a fearsome lategame monster.

The Boost to Nasus’s Abilities Confirmed in Patch Preview

The lead gameplay designer, Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, confirmed that Nasus’s Siphoning Strike and Soul Eater life steal passive will be boosted in the League update. Phroxzon stated that although Nasus is one of the easiest champions to master, he currently struggles to keep up with the dominant bruisers in the top lane.

Increased Damage and Life Steal for Nasus

With Patch 14.7, Nasus’s Q ability, Siphoning Strike, will receive a damage increase at all levels. Additionally, his life steal passive will be enhanced throughout the game, becoming even more powerful in the mid and lategame. At level 13, Nasus will enjoy a remarkable 24 percent life steal, representing a 15 percent boost from the current 21 percent benefit. Phroxzon explained that these buffs aim to fulfill the fantasy of Nasus as a drain tank in the lategame while making it easier for him to secure last hits with his Q ability.

Nasus’s Place in the Current Meta and Previous Buffs

According to stats tracking site U.GG, Nasus currently sits in the middle of the pack in terms of popularity in League Patch 14.6, but his win rate has fallen below 50 percent. While this is not cause for panic just yet, Nasus is struggling to keep up with dominant top laners like Maokai, Zac, and Trundle. This is the second time his life steal bonus has been boosted in the last nine months, with Patch 13.12 also providing a 15 percent increase.

The lack of updates for Nasus since Patch 13.12 may have contributed to his declining win rate. As games have become longer, Riot believes that Nasus’s scaling abilities are not sufficient. However, the upcoming update in Patch 14.7 may finally bring Nasus back into the hands of Summoners.

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