CHEL INTEL: European Championship Special Edition

By Saloni Sehmi

EA SPORTS NHL 24 European Championship: Overview and Finalists

This article provides an overview of the EA SPORTS NHL 24 European Championship and profiles the eight players who have qualified for the Final round. The final of the championship will be held in person on Sunday, March 17 at the Copenhagen Media Facility in Copenhagen, Denmark. The full live stream will be available on the NHL’s Twitch channel at 7 p.m. CET / 1 p.m. ET.

The EA SPORTS NHL 24 World Championship is the NHL’s premier global esports competition. The championship concludes by crowning a World Champion on April 7, 2024. News, qualifier information, and results can be found on the tournament’s website, and fans can follow along on social media using #NHL24WC.

Meet the Finalists

Let’s meet the finalists of the EA SPORTS NHL 24 European Championship:

Alphaborje (Liam Borjesson)

Liam Borjesson, also known as Alphaborje, is one of the youngest and two Swedish competitors in the European Final. He hails from Eksjo, Sweden, and has been playing competitively for three years. Borjesson hopes to bring home the title and the $15,000 USD prize with his calm demeanor and offensive attacking style.

Eken45jr (Henrik Eklund)

Henrik Eklund, also known as Eken45jr, is one of the most decorated players in the championship. He has won multiple European Championships and was the runner-up in last year’s EA SPORTS NHL 23 World Final. Eklund is representing the Pittsburgh Penguins and is known for his hockey IQ and ability to read the game.

Eki (Erik Tammenpää)

Erik Tammenpää, also known as Eki, is the reigning EA SPORTS NHL European Champion. He has dominated the NHL gaming scene for years and is considered the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T) of Chel by many players. Tammenpää represents the New York Islanders and has an impressive collection of championship wins.

Launonexx (Eetu Launonen)

Eetu Launonen, also known as Launonexx, is a relative newcomer to the EA SPORTS NHL World Championship scene. He is participating in his first LAN European Final and is representing the Toronto Maple Leafs. Launonen is known for his offensive skills and ability to create scoring chances quickly.

NikkeDangles (Niklas Tukiainen)

Niklas Tukiainen, also known as NikkeDangles, is entering his second consecutive European Final. He finished in fourth place last year and hopes to improve his ranking this year. Tukiainen represents the Washington Capitals and is known for his aggressive, fast, and creative style of play.

Teemuyy (Teemu Polttila)

Teemu Polttila, also known as Teemuyy, has been rising in the ranks of the NHL gaming community. He has won multiple championships, including the 6v6 Finnish Championship and the 6v6 European Championship. Polttila represents the Colorado Avalanche and is known for his tight team defense and quick counterattacks.

Temppanen (Teemu Karvonen)

Teemu Karvonen, also known as Temppanen, is making his second consecutive appearance at the European Championship. He finished as the runner-up last season and hopes to take home the title this year. Temppanen represents the Anaheim Ducks and is known for his calm and collected gameplay.

EA SPORTS NHL European Championship History

The article also provides a brief history of the EA SPORTS NHL European Championship, highlighting the winners and runners-up from previous years.

For more information and updates on the European Championship and other NHL esports events, visit the tournament’s website and follow NHL’s Twitch channel and social media pages.

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