Stage One of VCT Americas 2024 Opens with Exciting Matches: Sentinels vs. 100 Thieves, NRG vs. LOUD

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Exciting Matches Announced for VCT Americas 2024 Stage One

Mark your calendars for the first week of VCT Americas 2024 Stage One because some of the most anticipated matchups of the event will be taking place in early April.

First Matches Revealed by Riot Games

Riot Games has unveiled the first matches of the tournament, which were decided through a randomized draw. Fans weren’t surprised to see that three of the matchups featured the biggest rivalries and best teams in the league, generating a lot of excitement and anticipation from the community.

The VCT Americas opening weekend graphic
Opening week’s not short on storylines. Image via Riot Games

Exciting Schedule of Matches

On Saturday, April 6, the festivities will begin with Cloud9’s new roster facing off against an Aspas-led Leviatán squad, followed by the first supermatch of the day between NRG Esports and LOUD. Both teams have strong players and will be determined to make a comeback after losing to Sentinels during the 2024 VCT Kickoff.

G2 Esports will also have an exciting rematch against Evil Geniuses on Sunday, April 7, as they try to recreate the excitement of their winner’s match series during the Kickoff. Later in the day, Sentinels will clash with 100 Thieves, marking one of the most intense rivalries in the league, although Sentinels have had a strong record against the Thieves in recent tournaments.

Conspiracy Theories and Must-Watch VALORANT

Despite Riot’s claim that the draw was randomized, many fans hilariously believe it was “rigged” to include all these intense matches at the beginning of the event. Regardless, this ensures that supporters will tune in to watch the entire weekend of matches, as they are guaranteed to be must-watch VALORANT.

Meanwhile, fans can also enjoy the first international event of the year, VCT Masters Madrid 2024, starting on Thursday, March 14.

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