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Reasons why Helldivers 2 players have completely forsaken the fight against the Automatons

Helldivers 2 Players Express Frustration with Automaton Missions

The Helldivers 2 community has voiced their discontent with the difficulty of fighting against Automatons in the game. These robotic enemies have the ability to kill players with a single shot, which has led to frustration among players.

Players have taken to Reddit to share their grievances, with some describing the experience as being “stuck in a death spiral” due to constant respawning and dying in Automaton missions. The defense of Draupnir and Mantes Major Order has proven to be a challenge for players, further contributing to their dissatisfaction with this enemy type.

One player suggested that Automatons should be reworked before the developers release another major order involving these enemies. The high damage output of Automatons, such as rocket devastators and scout walkers, results in frustrating one-shot kills that many players find unfun.

In contrast, fighting against Terminids provides a different experience, as players have time to react and fight back. Terminids require close combat to deal damage, allowing players to strategize and defend themselves.

The frustration with Automaton missions has intensified following a recent update on March 6. According to players, the bots have become deadlier and engage from distances they shouldn’t be able to. These issues have led to an increase in one-shot kills, even for players with working armor.

However, it seems that players may not have a choice in the enemy they fight against in the future. The developers have released a news report stating that there is a possibility of eradicating Terminids using Termicide dispensation towers. Yet, a Reddit user has discovered that Termicide may have harmful effects on humans. The outcome of these developments remains uncertain.

Despite the potential eradication of Terminids, the discontent with Automatons among the community remains. Players hope that the developers will address these issues and create a more enjoyable gaming experience.

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