Developers of Helldivers 2 advise players against engaging in crash-triggering snowball fights

By Amelia Heisecke
Developers of Helldivers 2 advise players against engaging in crash-triggering snowball fights

The Recreational Activity in Helldivers 2 That Crashes the Game

In Helldivers 2, it seems like the higher-ups don’t want us to lose focus. One of the few recreational activities in the game is broken to the point that it crashes the whole game. It’s convenient, but also suspicious.

Warning from Community Managers

On March 28, the community managers for Helldivers 2 issued a warning to players on Discord. They advised players to avoid picking up and throwing snowballs in the game, as doing so would crash the game. If you want proof, you’ll have to travel to a snow planet like Vandalon IV and experience it yourself.

The "Make Snowball" prompt in the snow in Helldivers 2.
How am I supposed to resist? Screenshot by ESN.GG

Pick Up Snowballs, Experience Crashes

On snowy planets like Vandalon IV, players have the option to pick up snowballs from heavily snowy areas. These areas are indicated by the player’s slowed movement speed. If you stare at the snow long enough, a “Make Snowball” prompt will appear. Throwing a snowball at an enemy will temporarily stun them for a few seconds. This feature has been available for a few weeks, but now it’s causing crashes.

Lack of Recreational Activities in Helldivers 2

Aside from squishing bugs and blasting bots, there are very few recreational activities for Helldivers 2 players. Throwing snowballs and playing Strategem Hero on their cruiser ship are some of the limited options. Now, players are being advised to avoid playing with snowballs due to the crashing issue. This advice seems suspicious, especially considering the distraction of two new Strategems introduced in the form of the Quasar cannon and the Heavy Machine Gun.

Previous Crashing Issues

This isn’t the first time Helldivers 2 has faced crashing issues. Just a week ago, arc weapons were causing crashes after a recent patch. Thankfully, that issue was resolved a couple of days ago.

Despite the crashes, I won’t miss the chance to pelt an Automaton in the face with a snowball. However, if the mission is your priority, it may be best to avoid snowballs for now.

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