Respawn deploys new update to prevent further resets of Apex accounts, continues efforts to restore affected profiles

By Arjun Nair
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Respawn Entertainment Fixes Apex Legends Account Reset Issue

Respawn Entertainment has resolved an issue with Apex Legends accounts being reset after an update. However, some players who logged in before the fix went live are still experiencing problems, such as loss of items, progression, and unlocked skins.

Loss of Ranked Badges and Heirlooms

Shortly after the April 2 update and weekly reset, players started reporting the loss of ranked badges and Heirlooms, as well as significant account progression. Respawn quickly identified and fixed the account-breaking issue, making it safe to log in and play. However, players who experienced progression loss or lost items will have to wait a little longer for everything to be restored.

Restoration in Progress

In a statement released on X, Respawn mentioned that they are working on an additional fix to restore affected accounts to their state before the update. They assured players that they will be notified as soon as the restoration is ready. Some players initially believed that the loss of items was an April Fool’s joke due to the unfortunate timing of the bug and the release of the April Fool’s update.

The Devastating Glitch

Numerous Apex players took to Reddit to discuss the glitch and shared their experiences. Some players had their account levels and items reset to the beginning of the previous ranked season and full launch of cross-progression. Others faced a complete wipe of their accounts, resulting in the loss of hundreds of hours of stats. One player mentioned losing around 100 levels, the battle pass, and all Apex coins after receiving the cross-progression prompt on login.

Challenges for Respawn Entertainment

The recent account reset issue adds to the challenges faced by Respawn Entertainment. The company dealt with the ALGS hacking incident, which caused a temporary pause in the North American league due to concerns about hackers injecting code into players’ devices via Apex Legends. Streamer Lululuvely expressed blame towards EA, citing layoffs affecting the development and quality assurance teams as a contributing factor to the current predicament.

Although it is now safe to play Apex Legends without the fear of further progression loss, many players are still hesitant and avoiding the battle royale for the time being. Respawn has not provided a specific timeline for restoring lost levels and items and has not ruled out the possibility of a total server rollback. ESN.GG has reached out to Respawn for comment.

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