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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: April 2 Patch Notes – Android Optimizations and Latest Updates

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Developers Address Graphics and Optimization Concerns with Massive Patch

After a rough launch, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile developers have moved to address graphics, optimization, and device temperature concerns with a massive patch on April 2. This patch comes just a day before the new handheld season begins.

The details for the long-awaited update were explained by the CoD devs in a post on X (formerly Twitter) today. “The dev team rolled out an update addressing the most pressing issues affecting players,” the post from the design team read, with the devs adding more bug fixes also coming with the launch of the new season tomorrow. Further fixes and performance improvements “will [then] continue coming through the month.”

Today’s Warzone Mobile update specifically targets optimization on Android devices, which was a major pain point players suffered following the game’s high-profile launch last month. The team is also addressing concerns about device temperature, automatically dropping default FPS values, and letting players manually increase the setting instead.

The vehicle-filled Verdansk bug has also been fixed, and devs have implemented a rejoin feature which was in high demand as players struggled to remain engaged after getting kicked from a game due to issues out of their control.

Here are the patch notes for CoD: Warzone Mobile‘s April 2 update.

CoD: Warzone Mobile April 2 patch notes

Android optimization

  • Adjusted default settings for Android devices.
  • More assets are loaded in before matches begin, so graphics will immediately improve more rapidly upon joining a game.
  • Discovered a bug causing too many vehicles and buy stations to spawn on Verdansk, which impaired game performance. This has been resolved.
  • Added a Rejoin feature so you can jump back in-game if you disconnect.

Device temperature

  • Adjusted the default FPS to better keep devices cool.
  • IN PROGRESS: Continue adjusting other levers that affect device temperature.


  • More graphics will load in before matches begin, so graphics will immediately improve more rapidly upon joining a game.
  • Adjusted the default FPS settings for low or medium-tier devices.

Gameplay difficulty

  • Adjusted matchmaking and other levers to improve the level of difficulty for new players.
  • IN PROGRESS: “We will continue to evaluate balancing player matchmaking pools by native touch and controllers.”

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