Cloud9 signs StayNaughty’s ALGS squad, rejoining competitive Apex

By Arjun Nair
Cloud9 signs StayNaughty's ALGS squad, rejoining competitive Apex

The Return of Cloud9 to Apex Legends Competitive Scene

Cloud9, one of the notable organizations in the esports industry, has made a major recommitment to Apex Legends. This move comes in the wake of the organization’s return to the ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) in 2024. Cloud9 joins other renowned organizations such as NAVI and Spacestation Gaming, all boosting the shooter game’s competitive scene in Year Four.

Cloud9’s New Roster

On March 13, Cloud9 announced on X (formerly Twitter) that they have signed StayNaughty, ChaoticMuch, and sauceror as players, along with coach iShiny and analyst coldjyn. This news didn’t come as a surprise to those following the ALGS since Year Two, as StayNaughty had previously represented Cloud9 in the 2022 Championship. The return of StayNaughty to Cloud9 has generated excitement within the Apex community, with players like Zachmazer, HisWattson, and Naghz celebrating the move.

Cloud9’s Re-Entry and Regional Finals

Cloud9’s comeback to competitive Apex Legends comes just before the North American regional finals, scheduled for March 17. Currently ranked 12th, the Cloud9 roster will be fighting to secure their spot at the Split One Playoffs.

The Rebirth of Apex Esports

Cloud9’s return is part of a larger trend in the Apex Legends esports scene. After the 2022 Year Two ALGS Championship, several major teams, including Cloud9, Team Liquid, and G2, left the scene. However, as evidenced by Cloud9’s re-entry, organizations are now being tempted back into the ALGS. European team NAVI recently made a comeback, signing the Vexed Gaming roster, while Spacestation Gaming also returned in February 2024 and is currently in a qualifying position for the Split One playoffs.

EA’s Partnership Program and Community Support

One possible reason for organizations’ recommitment to Apex Legends esports is EA’s introduction of the partnership program. This program involves prominent organizations working directly with EA to grow community support for teams and events. Cloud9, with its large and passionate fanbase, could potentially join EA’s ranks and benefit from this partnership initiative.

A Bright Future for Apex Legends Esports

Contrary to the naysayers and skeptics who predicted the downfall of Apex Legends esports in 2022, the scene is experiencing a renewed sense of enthusiasm in 2024. While some major teams left in 2023, the current year is witnessing a fantastic resurgence as teams make a grand re-entry. It’s a testament to the enduring popularity and potential of Apex Legends esports.

The iconic Cloud9 logo will grace the ALGS lobby on Sunday, March 17, for the North American Split One regional finals.

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