‘Lulu Pleads with Apex Developers to Remove Cheaters, Calls situation “Unbearable” ‘

By Arjun Nair
'Lulu Pleads with Apex Developers to Remove Cheaters, Calls situation "Unbearable" '

Apex Legends Season 20: Cheating Run Rampant, Pro Players Demand Action

Apex Legends’ Season 20 has injected new life into the popular shooter, but cheating has reached such an intolerable level that even former pros and content creators like Lulu are fed up. This week, they took to social media to plead with Respawn, the game’s developer, for immediate action.

Cheating in First-Person Shooters: An Ongoing Problem

Unfortunately, cheating has long been a prevalent issue in first-person shooter games, especially in competitive titles like Apex. Cheating is made easier by the availability of AI software, creating a host of problems for players of all ranks. After enduring countless hours of frustration from cheaters, Lulu made a desperate plea to Respawn via a Twitter post on March 14, highlighting the unbearable state of Apex due to rampant cheating.

In response to the cheating crisis, several Apex players and professional gamers have formed their own vigilante teams to combat cheaters. While these efforts may not completely eradicate cheating, they serve as a deterrent, making cheaters think twice before resorting to hacks.

The Devs’ Efforts to Combat Cheating

It’s important to note that the developers at Respawn are actively addressing the cheating problem. However, their options are limited. They work diligently to sift through complaints and reports, implementing ban waves as necessary. Unfortunately, even when players are banned, they often create new accounts and continue cheating, taking advantage of the game’s free-to-play status.

The Disparity in Developer Priorities

Players have expressed frustration, noting that Respawn seems more focused on addressing issues such as offensive usernames or griefing, which, while disruptive, pale in comparison to the detrimental effects of cheating. Initially, players had high hopes for Season 20, but the rampant cheating has made playing Apex almost impossible.

Unless Respawn takes drastic measures like implementing comprehensive ban waves or introducing new anti-cheat strategies, cheaters will continue to plague the game, causing a decline in the player base.

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