ALGS Leak Suggests Experimental Removal of Dropship Start

By Arjun Nair
The audience and all 20 teams on the 2023 ALGS Championship Stage

A Proposed New Spawn System for Competitive Matches in Apex Legends

A leaked message from Apex Legends Global Series commissioner John Nelson suggests a new spawn system for competitive matches to provide a balanced and fair experience for pro teams.

The leak originated from the competitive Apex subreddit on March 29. In a letter to competitors, Nelson expressed that the current POI (Point of Interest) selection process could be improved with the right structure. Currently, ALGS teams communicate and reach a general understanding about where other trios land from the Dropship. However, there are instances where teams land at the same location, and Nelson believes that this is detrimental to both teams. The outcome is often decided by random factors such as who obtains better loot in a short time span.

To address this issue, Apex added the Preset Spawn System to the game in a recent update. This allows pro players to test the feature in private matches.

With the Preset Spawn System, ALGS teams will reportedly go through a draft process. Teams will select drop spots and the draft order will be randomly selected. Each trio will spawn at a preset height above their chosen POI. All teams will have the opportunity to select from the front, middle, and end of the draft during the first nine days of the regular season matches. Afterward, the draft order will be determined by team performance, with better-performing teams getting priority in selecting their landing locations. Only one team will spawn at each of the 29 possible landing locations. Nelson hopes to implement this system starting with Split Two of the ALGS Pro League, following the Split One Playoffs in Los Angeles.

According to Nelson, this new system will not only create a more varied list of landing spots per team but also test teams’ ability to efficiently loot, rotate, and succeed from different locations. The final decision to use this new system is ultimately up to the pro players themselves.

In conclusion, the proposed new spawn system in Apex Legends aims to provide a more balanced and fair experience for competitive pro teams. It addresses the issue of random outcomes and ensures that teams have equal opportunities to secure favorable landing spots. The implementation of this system will test teams’ skills and adaptability, ultimately creating a more exciting and challenging competitive environment.

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