Early Patch Notes for MW3 Season 3 Revealed: 6 New Maps, 4 Weapons, Exciting 4/20 Event, and More!

By Arjun Nair
Early Patch Notes for MW3 Season 3 Revealed: 6 New Maps, 4 Weapons, Exciting 4/20 Event, and More!

Get ready for season three of Modern Warfare 3!

Season three of MW3 is here, and it’s all about marijuana. Let’s dive into the new content and changes coming in this season, including the addition of Snoop Dogg and Cheech & Chong to your squad.

For the multiplayer patch notes of MW3 season three, keep reading below.

MW3 season three patch notes

CoD operators fighting in MW3 season 3

Here’s a rundown of everything coming to MW3 multiplayer in season three. For patch notes on Warzone and MW3 Zombies, check out our other guides.

Weapon balancing and bug fixes

As always, the new seasonal update includes weapon balancing and bug fixes to improve the gameplay experience. For more information, stay tuned for the April 3 update.

Six new maps

CoD operators fighting on a new map in MW3 season 3

Get ready for six new maps in season three! They are:

  • 6 Star
  • Emergency
  • Grime
  • Checkpoint
  • Tanked
  • Growhouse

For more details on the new maps, check out our guide on MW3’s season three maps.

Four new weapons

BAL-27 in MW3

In season three, four new guns are joining MW3:

  • FJX Horus SMG (launch)
  • MORS sniper rifle (launch)
  • Gladiator melee weapon (launch)
  • BAL-27 (midseason)

If you want more information on the new weapons, be sure to check out our guide on MW3’s new guns in season three.

Eight new Aftermarket Parts

MW3 Season 3 Aftermarket Parts

Season three introduces eight new Aftermarket Parts, including Conversion Kits and guns from Modern Warfare 2.

  • JAK Cutthroat (Stock)
  • JAK Revenger Kit (BP50)
  • JAK Jawbreaker (KV Broadside)
  • JAK Shadow Titan Kit (Bruen Mk9)
  • JAK Patriot (M16)
  • Wardens (Lockwood Mk2)
  • JAK Atlas Kit (AMR9)
  • Photonic Charge Barrel (MORS)

Learn more about these Aftermarket Parts in our full list of MW3’s Aftermarket Parts.

New animated seasonal camo

MW3 season 3 seasonal camo "Allegiances"

By completing all of season three’s weekly challenges, you can unlock the new animated camo called “Allegiances.”

New perks and equipment

New perks in MW3 season 3

Season three introduces three new vests, one pair of boots, one gear, a new Field Upgrade, and a new tactical called the EMD Mine. Check out our full list of perks in MW3 for more information.

New events

Cheech and Chong in MW3

Several new events are happening in MW3 season three, including some 4/20-themed events. Snoop Dogg, Cheech and Chong will also make appearances in the game. Here are some of the events:

  • Godzilla x Kong: Battle for Hollow Earth (April 3 to 10)
  • Blaze Up (April)
  • High Trip (April)
  • Vortex: Vi.Rus Mainframe (in-season)
  • More events after Season Three Reloaded in May

New Prestige levels

MW3 season 3 Prestige levels

In season three, players can reach the new max level of 650 and unlock four new Prestiges.

New store bundles

New store bundle operators in MW3 season 3

Season three offers a variety of unique store bundles, including Cheech and Chong, a pot-smoking sloth, a velociraptor, and more.

This article will be updated with more information on April 3.

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