Liquid’s CS2 offseason cut short as M80 and Complexity withdraw from IEM Chengdu.

By Arjun Nair
Team Liquid after a win at the Americas RMR for the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major.

Team Liquid CS2 Roster Returns to Action Earlier than Expected

Following a major disappointment, the Team Liquid CS2 roster, which was assembled at the end of 2023, is being pressed back into action earlier than expected.

Changes in the North American Presence at IEM Chengdu

The North American presence at IEM Chengdu has undergone drastic changes. Both M80 Esports and Complexity have withdrawn from the CS2 tournament, which is set to begin on April 8. The teams being replaced by Team Liquid and Wildcard.

Disappointment for Complexity and Liquid

Complexity has been dealing with the disappointment of failing to make it to the PGL Copenhagen playoffs after three straight losses in the Elimination Stage. On the other hand, Liquid’s disappointment is arguably greater as they considered themselves one of the best teams in North America, yet they were unable to make the Major. Liquid fell to Complexity in the final round of the Americas RMR, missing the Major for the first time since PGL Krakow 2017.

Opportunity for Redemption at IEM Chengdu and Beyond

Both Liquid fans and the team itself were dismayed by their failure to reach PGL Copenhagen. Liquid stated on Twitter that they “built this team to win championships and have failed to qualify for the most important one of the year.” However, with their participation in IEM Chengdu and upcoming events like ESL Pro League and IEM Dallas, Liquid will have plenty of chances to redeem themselves and prepare for the next Major, the Perfect World Shanghai Major.

In China, Liquid will face tough competition from teams like FaZe, G2, MOUZ, and Cloud9, who are still in contention for the PGL Copenhagen Major title. Despite this, Liquid’s players are determined and eager for another chance to prove themselves.

By participating in IEM Chengdu, ESL Pro League, IEM Dallas, and other events, Liquid will have ample opportunities to regain their form and compete in the Americas RMR qualifiers for the Perfect World Shanghai Major later this year.

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