Ranked Resurgence Top 250 in Warzone Troubled by New Cheating Service

By Arjun Nair
Warzone Ranked

Warzone Community Exposes Cheating Ring in Resurgence Ranked Play

A group of Warzone community members recently uncovered a cheating ring in the Resurgence Ranked Play Top 250. These cheaters were utilizing a boosting service to secure their spots in the leaderboard.

Professional Player OMiT Brax Exposes Hackers

Well-known Warzone player OMiT Brax shared a video showcasing a group of players in a Resurgence Ranked Play match exploiting what appeared to be a large number of bots. According to Brax, “At least 100 of the top 250 players on the resurgence ranked leaderboard are hacking.” He also presented evidence of accounts that had exceptionally high skill ratings, such as one account that went from the bronze division to the Top 250 in just two matches, which is impossible.

Chinese Boosting Service Facilitates Cheating

The cheating ring allegedly utilized a Chinese boosting service that provided Resurgence Ranked bot lobbies. This allowed players to face AI enemies and accumulate skill rating easily, leading to unfair advantages in the game.

Implications for Resurgence Ranked Play and Rewards

Such cheating not only undermines the integrity of the game mode but also poses a threat to players’ rewards. In Resurgence Ranked Play, players earn rewards based on the highest division they reach at the end of each season. The Top 250 players receive exclusive cosmetic items, including animated calling cards, emblems, decals, and operator skins. Missing out on these rewards due to cheaters would be disappointing for legitimate players who put in the time and effort.

Additionally, this recent wave of hacking reflects ongoing issues with cheating in Warzone. Although the developers had taken measures to combat cheating and banned thousands of accounts, this latest incident demonstrates that there are still significant challenges to overcome in maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

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