Fantastic performance by W0nderful propels NAVI to CS2 Major semifinal without S1mple

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Natus Vincere Secure Semifinal Spot in PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major

The semifinals of the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major on March 28 saw Natus Vincere (NAVI) emerge victorious over Eternal Fire. Interestingly, star player s1mple was absent in this match, but NAVI’s rising sniper, w0nderful, stepped up to save the day.

w0nderful Shines in Quarterfinals

Heading into the quarterfinal match at the Royal Arena, neither team was considered the favorite. However, w0nderful’s exceptional performance and the outstanding display from other NAVI members secured them a clean 2-0 victory against the Turkish squad. They first claimed a 16-13 victory on Mirage, followed by a 13-9 win on Inferno.

Aleksib screaming after winning a round in PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major playoffs.

Unstoppable Performance by w0nderful

The young AWPer proved to be the standout player in the match, leading the KD table with an impressive 48-33 ratio. w0nderful’s consistency throughout the game was commendable, but he also delivered some exceptional moments on his own. His clutch plays on Banana and Inferno’s B side were crucial in securing rounds for NAVI.

The Uncertain Future of w0nderful

Last October, w0nderful joined NAVI as a replacement for the legendary s1mple. Although s1mple has returned and even played for Falcons in a recent event, w0nderful’s outstanding performance in Denmark raises questions about his potential return to NAVI’s main roster.

NAVI’s recent inconsistent performance in CS2 had lowered their chances of being regarded as favorites in the Copenhagen Major. Many were surprised to see them in the top eight, achieved by defeating teams like G2 Esports and paIN. However, NAVI now has a golden opportunity to bring them one step closer to winning the title. In the semifinals, they will face either MOUZ or G2, depending on the outcome of the final quarterfinal match on Friday.

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