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MSI 2024: Complete Schedule and Matchups

The 2024 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational is one of the most exciting tournaments of the year, allowing fans to see elite teams play in a jam-packed schedule with thrilling moments.

The tournament will run from Wednesday, May 5, to Sunday, May 19, and it will consist of the play-in stage and the bracket stage. In the play-in stage, eight teams from around the world will compete in the first cross-regional League matches of the year in a furious double-elimination format to decide which teams will advance to the main event.

In the bracket stage, the four major region champions will meet the best of the play-ins in another double-elimination table with best-of-five action until a winner is finally crowned on Finals day on May 19. It will be a hectic two weeks for teams and supporters alike as each squad scrambles to build momentum for their chances at a trophy.

Full MSI 2024 schedule and matches

Play-in fixtures

Wednesday, May 1: Day 1 Play-in

  • FlyQuest vs. PSG Talon, 3am CT
  • Estral Esports vs. T1 6am CT

Thursday, May 2: Day 2 Play-in

  • Fnatic vs. GAM Esports, 3am CT
  • 6am CT: Top Esports vs. Loud

Friday, May 3: Day 3 Play-in

  • FlyQuest vs. T1 3am CT
  • Fnatic vs. Top Esports, 6am CT

Saturday, May 4: Day 4 Play-in

  • 3am CT: Estral Esports vs. PSG Talon
  • 6am CT: GAM Esports vs. LOUD

Sunday, May 5: Day 5 Play-in

  • FlyQuest-PSG Talon
  • Fnatic-GAM Esports

Week one bracket matches

Bracket Day 1: Tuesday, May 7

  • 3am CT: Team Liquid vs. Top Esports

Bracket Day 2: Wednesday, May 8

  • Gen.G vs. Fnatic, 3am CT

Bracket Day 3: Thursday, May 9

  • Bilibili Gaming vs. PSG Talon, 3am CT

Bracket Day 4: Friday, May 10

  • 3am CT: G1 Esports vs. T1

Bracket Day 5: Saturday, May 11

  • Matches TBD

Bracket Day 6: Sunday, May 12

  • Matches TBD

Bracket stage week two matchups

Bracket Day 7: Tuesday, May 14

  • Matches TBD

Bracket Day 8: Wednesday, May 15

  • Matches TBD

Bracket Day 9: Thursday, May 16

  • Matches TBD

Bracket Day 10: Friday, May 17

  • Matches TBD

Bracket Day 11: Saturday, May 18

  • Matches TBD

Finals: Sunday, May 19

  • Match TBD