123 Weapons from MW3 and MW2 Included in the Launch of Warzone Mobile—with Easy Access for New Players

By Arjun Nair
123 Weapons from MW3 and MW2 Included in the Launch of Warzone Mobile—with Easy Access for New Players

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile: Massive Arsenal of Playable Guns

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will be released worldwide in just one week, and it’s bringing with it an impressive collection of playable guns.

Impressive Gun Lineup

Activision confirmed today that Warzone Mobile will include a total of 123 weapons for players to use or unlock on day one. This includes 77 weapons from Modern Warfare 2 and 46 weapons from Modern Warfare 3.

Unlockable weapons in Warzone Mobile
A ton of guns. Image via Activision

Unlocking and Using Weapons

Players who have unlocked guns in MW3 and MW2 will be able to use them in Warzone Mobile immediately by linking their Activision ID to the game. New players, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to unlock everything the game has to offer.

Weapons and Aftermarket Parts can be unlocked by completing challenges and earning Arsenal Coins. There are 25 Aftermarket Parts available in the mobile BR game.

Challenges and Loadouts

The challenges to unlock items include tasks such as getting kills with specific weapon types, and they reset every few hours to give players more opportunities to unlock new items.

For players who have experience with previous CoD games or Warzone, there will be plenty of familiar options available on day one. However, loadouts from Warzone on PC or console will need to be rebuilt from scratch for Warzone Mobile.

Multiplayer Modes and More

In addition to the battle royale mode on Verdansk, Warzone Mobile will also feature multiplayer modes on popular maps like Shipment, Shoot House, Rust, and more. This provides players with a chance to level up their universal battle pass while playing on the go.

Weapons, bundles, and operators from MW3, MW2, and Warzone will all carry over to Warzone Mobile upon its release on March 21.

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