Valve’s Leaked CS2 Major Stickers Reveal Incorrect Logo for Reigning Champion

By Arjun Nair
Valve's Leaked CS2 Major Stickers Reveal Incorrect Logo for Reigning Champion

The First Counter-Strike 2 Major Stickers

The stickers for the inaugural Counter-Strike 2 Major have been found in the game files before they were even released. Unfortunately, Valve accidentally used an outdated version of the logo for the reigning Major champions.

The leaked Team Vitality stickers feature an older version of the logo that the French organization first introduced in 2018. The PGL Copenhagen stickers still showcase the white wings, golden crest, and lack of spacing between the shapes.

Sacrebleu. Screenshot from @TeamVitality on X.

Vitality Logo Evolution

Team Vitality made slight changes to their logo twice before 2023, including thickening the outlines and using a different shade of gold in 2020. In 2021, they opted for a brighter yellow. But at the start of 2023, they adopted their newest logo, featuring a single color and spacing between the shapes.

Mixup with Vitality Stickers

It’s ironic that the Team Vitality stickers have been affected, especially since they proudly won the final CS:GO Major trophy at BLAST Paris in 2023. While the differences may appear minor to the untrained eye, the branding and marketing team at Vitality can’t be too pleased with the mixup.

Thankfully, there is time for a fix before the stickers go live in the store and before the PGL Copenhagen Major begins. Stickers are a vital aspect for all teams at the Major, as some have made more money from sticker sales than from the event’s prize pool in recent years.

As usual, CS2 players can collect team and player autograph stickers in four variants: standard, Glitter, Holo, and Gold.

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