YamatoCannon Criticizes Karmine Corp’s Decision Following His Departure from LEC Coaching Staff

Karmine Corp’s League of Legends Division Misses Winter Split Playoffs

Karmine Corp’s League of Legends division has failed to qualify for the 2024 Winter Split playoffs following a disappointing debut in the LEC. As a result, the team is undergoing changes, starting with the sudden departure of head coach Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi.

YamatoCannon’s Response to the Situation

In a recent video, YamatoCannon shared his thoughts with his fans, expressing his belief that he should have been given more time to develop and build a strong roster, both in-game and in their personal lives. Despite the disappointment, the 28-year-old veteran coach was unexpectedly removed from the coaching staff. Karmine Corp finished the regular season with only two wins, which greatly disappointed the LEC fanbase. YamatoCannon revealed that he was caught off-guard by the decision and was not aware of any signs leading to his removal until he was finally approached by management.

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