XQc discusses recent YouTube ban for copyright infringement

In a recent Twitch livestream, popular streamer xQc revealed that his YouTube channel was temporarily suspended due to a false copyright claim. He explained that his counterclaim was filed too late, resulting in the automatic termination of his channel by YouTube.

The Reason Behind the Suspension

During the livestream, xQc mentioned that the content that caused the suspension was a reaction video from Tom Scott, who himself was reacting to another video. Although xQc’s counterclaim was eventually approved by YouTube, it took some time for the process to kick in and his channel was banned temporarily.

In a livestream quote, xQc expressed his frustration, stating, “A random claimed to be one of these people and said: ‘yo this is my video, this is a strike’. When I sent out the counterclaim, it just took some time to kick in, and I think we were past the limit and I got banned. It’s stupid. He’s abusing the system.”

Reacting to content has been a primary focus for xQc throughout his streaming career. However, it’s important to note that including video content from other creators can be seen as copyright infringement. The original creators have the right to request a takedown if they don’t want their content appearing on xQc’s channel, without needing to provide a justification.

Defending Reaction Content

Despite the backlash he often faces, xQc defended his reaction content. In a livestream, he stated, “I have been stealing content for decades. I have been reacting to sh*t for 10 years. Never had a problem.”

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