Today’s WoW SoD Patch Notes: WoW SoD April 23 Update

By Declan Duffy

A New Update for World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery

The eagerly awaited World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery update is set to be released today. Following the server downtime, balance changes will be implemented for several classes.

Balancing phase three has presented a significant challenge, given the introduction of new runes and talents. These new additions interact with existing elements from the previous phases of the season. With this update, Blizzard aims to address the performance issues faced by certain classes. A detailed explanation of their intentions can be found in a recent blue post.

The common trend in this update is the implementation of wide-sweeping buffs to the five adjusted classes. Therefore, all five classes will receive power increases. Let’s take a look at the balance updates included in today’s WoW Season of Discovery patch notes.

WoW Season of Discovery Patch Notes and Class Balance Updates (April 23)

Five classes are receiving buffs in SoD phase three later today. Screenshot by ESN.GG


  • Seal of Righteousness can now register critical strikes.
  • Duration of Sacred Shield increased by 30 seconds.
  • Crusader Strike now refreshes all Judgment effects on a target, extending the duration up to 30 seconds.
  • The Seal of Martyrdom rune will now benefit from the seal twisting mechanic.


  • Mental Dexterity now only applies to Stormstrike and Lava Lash skills, but its duration has been increased by 20 seconds.
  • Burn now doubles Flame Shock’s damage, increases its damage-over-time effect by six seconds, and causes Flame Shock to hit two additional targets.


  • Natural Weapons will now increase all damage dealt by Druids by 10 percent, not limited to physical damage only.
  • Gale Winds will now reduce the mana cost of Hurricane by 60 percent.


  • All damage dealt in Shadowform is increased by 10 percent.


  • Saber Slash’s bleed effect can now stack up to five times. However, it deals two percent less damage per tick based on Attack Power.
  • Saber Slash will increase the damage of Sinister Strike and future casts of Saber Slash.

Key Points from WoW Season of Discovery’s April 23 Patch Notes

The most significant changes in this balance update are centered around Paladins, who have faced considerable challenges in phase three of the Season of Discovery. Retribution Paladins, in particular, have experienced significant drops in throughput during this phase. The buffs they are receiving should help bring them back into the mix, albeit to a limited extent. Seal of Martyrdom and the seal twisting mechanic will enhance the overall value of Paladins and make them more valuable in various encounters.

These tuning changes are expected to raise the performance of Paladin DPS, particularly during the midsection of the leveling process. Furthermore, Blizzard has plans to introduce phase four runes that will bring more diversity and skill expression to Retribution Paladins.

Paladins are getting the biggest buffs in this round of tuning. Screenshot by ESN.GG

The changes made to the Rogue’s Saber Slash skill in this update are noteworthy, especially the increased damage on both the DoT and instant effect fronts. This should elevate the importance of the combo point builder in your rotation going forward.

Blizzard has also revealed plans for future adjustments to Hunters, Mages, Shamans, and Warlocks in a future phase three balance update. However, no specific details have been provided at this time.

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