Professional VALORANT in VCT Masters Madrid 2024 sets new viewership records

By Arjun Nair
Professional VALORANT in VCT Masters Madrid 2024 sets new viewership records

Masters Madrid 2024 Breaks Viewership Records in VALORANT

The 2024 VCT Masters tournament in Madrid has been an exhilarating event for fans of VALORANT. It has made history by breaking viewership records and leaving a lasting impact.

With a peak viewership of about 1.3 million people, the Grand Finals between Gen.G and Sentinels has made Masters Madrid 2024 the most-viewed Masters tournament in VALORANT history. According to Esports Charts, it is also the fourth most-viewed VALORANT event of all time.

This achievement is significant, considering the popularity of previous tournaments and the excitement they generated. Masters Madrid 2024 has captivated fans and established itself as a standout competition.

The tournament has showcased the brilliance of teams like Sentinels and Paper Rex. Their exceptional gameplay and rapid rise to the top have provided excitement for fans of all types. Both teams enjoy global popularity and have made their mark in the standings, making the tournament even more thrilling.

While Masters Madrid 2024 has seen impressive viewership numbers, it is worth noting that three grand finals matchups over the past two years still hold the top spots. Matches like LOUD vs. Fnatic at VCT LOCK//IN in São Paulo and Paper Rex vs. Evil Geniuses at 2023 VALORANT Champions have garnered tremendous viewership. However, OpTic Gaming vs. LOUD at VALORANT Champions 2022 remains the most-viewed event with a peak viewership of 1.5 million.

As the epic conclusion of Masters Madrid approaches with the clash between Sentinels and Gen.G, stay tuned for the final viewership numbers. The tournament has been a thrilling experience, and it will be fascinating to see how it concludes.

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