Cloud9’s Vanity Hopes OXY Will Emulate Faker’s LoL Playstyle in VALORANT

By Arjun Nair
Cloud9’s Vanity Hopes OXY Will Emulate Faker's LoL Playstyle in VALORANT

18-year-old Rookie OXY Shines in C9’s Victory against MIBR at VCT Americas Kickoff Event

The VCT Americas Kickoff event kicked off with high anticipation as fans were eager to see Demon1, the reigning VALORANT world champion, make his debut with NRG. However, it was 18-year-old rookie Francis “OXY” Hoang from Cloud9 who stole the show in a thrilling match against MIBR.

During a tense three-map series, OXY showcased his talent and proved to be the ultimate difference-maker in C9’s 2-1 victory. He delivered several clutch moments and impressed with multiple kills, including two aces that left everyone in awe. And true to his age, OXY couldn’t contain his excitement and let out an enthusiastic scream after each ace.

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