Top 7 Lethality ADCs in League of Legends

ADC champions in esports rely on attack speed, critical strike, and high attack damage. While most ADC champions are built this way, some benefit from lethality bonuses. Lethality works well against squishy champions who don’t stack up on armor. In the bot lane, where you face support and ADC champions, lethality items can be very effective. However, only a few ADC champions can effectively use lethality items. In this article, we will list 7 ADC champions who can benefit from building lethality items.

7. Draven
Draven has long been used in the bottom lane and has seen various builds. Building a lethality item as his first item greatly synergizes with the damage he deals with his Q ability. It increases his damage output significantly.

To play lethality Draven, max your Q first to maximize your damage in the early game. Use your Q to poke enemies and back away using your Blood Rush ability. Draven can 1v1 any champion in the early game, especially when he buys lethality items.

Best Lethality item: Youmuu’s Ghostblade is a great first build on Draven. It provides a movement speed boost and allows him to chase enemies better.

6. Jhin
Lethality items synergize well with Jhin’s long-range pokes and ultimate. Jhin can reach high amounts of attack damage, and lethality helps him ignore armor.

To play lethality Jhin, focus on your abilities and poke enemies with your W and bouncing grenades. Take advantage of his 4th shot, which deals execute damage based on the enemy’s missing health.

Best Lethality item: Duskblade of Drakthar increases Jhin’s damage and allows him to turn invisible after scoring a takedown. The Collector also works well, providing lethality and execute damage.

5. Caitlyn
Caitlyn can deal tons of damage with her Q, especially when built with lethality items. Her playstyle doesn’t change much, as she still relies on her range and combos.

To play lethality Caitlyn, rely on your Q for poke and strategic trap placement. Avoid 1v1 fights with ADC champions with high attack speed.

Best Lethality Items: Duskblade enhances Caitlyn’s damage and allows her to reposition herself during team fights. Serpent’s Fang increases her damage to enemies caught in her traps.

4. Vayne
Vayne typically relies on attack speed to proc her W ability, but with lethality builds, it’s best to max her Q ability. Lethality items increase Vayne’s poke damage with her Q.

To play lethality Vayne, rely on your Q to poke enemies. Play safely and engage with your ultimate to become invisible with your Q.

Best Lethality item: Duskblade of Drakthar enhances Vayne’s invisibility passives and helps her reposition after scoring a takedown.

3. Miss Fortune
Lethality works well with Miss Fortune’s abilities. Her Q and ultimate deal significant damage, which is enhanced by lethality.

To play lethality Miss Fortune, rely on your abilities to fight enemies in lane. Use your Q to poke enemies, especially with Dark Harvest as your rune.

Best Lethality item: Eclipse increases Miss Fortune’s damage and slows enemies down.

2. Ezreal
Ezreal benefits from lethality because he relies on his Q ability more than his basic attacks. Lethality items enhance Ezreal’s poke damage with his Q ability.

To play lethality Ezreal, prioritize building mana items like Tear of the Goddess. Rely on your Q for damage and positioning in team fights.

Best Lethality item: Duskblade of Drakthar ensures Ezreal’s disengagement with its slow effect.

1. Varus
Lethality works well with Varus’ empowered Q ability. He can take out enemies from a distance with his poke and ultimate.

To play lethality Varus, play safe and rely on your Q ability for damage. Use your ultimate and E ability for disengagement.

Best Lethality item: Duskblade of Drakthar provides slow effect for Varus’ disengagement.

When choosing between lethality and crit, consider the game’s duration. Lethality is effective for finishing games quickly, while crit scales better in the late game. Assess the situation before deciding on lethality or crit.

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