‘Community responds to new Twitch rules: Unstoppable creativity of hot tub streamers’

By Saloni Sehmi

Twitch Implements New Guideline Change Restricting Intimate Body Parts Focus

Twitch recently made an announcement on March 27, introducing a new guideline change that prohibits streamers from focusing heavily on “intimate body parts” during their broadcasts. This move has raised concerns among viewers, especially those who enjoy content in the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category, as it may impact the popular streams in this genre. However, many viewers remain confident that streamers will find creative ways to work around this rule.

Controversial Streaming Metas in the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches Category

The Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category on Twitch has been a center of controversy due to unconventional streaming methods and implied nudity. Twitch streamer Morgpie pushed the boundaries of Twitch’s rulings by using a green screen to showcase gameplay on various parts of their body, thus sparking further debate on the platform.

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From implied nudity and green screen gameplay, Morgpie has pioneered multiple metas. Image via Twitch.tv/Morgpie

Twitch Introduces Stricter Restrictions on Sexual Content

Twitch has engaged in an ongoing “Terms of Service (ToS) arms race” by implementing additional restrictions on sexual content. According to the platform’s statement, content that excessively focuses on intimate body parts for a prolonged duration will no longer be allowed. While this may limit the current meta in the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category, viewers are already speculating on ways streamers may navigate around this rule.

“They will figure out something new anyway,” commented Atmozfears in a Reddit thread. “This will be a cat and mouse game for a long time.” Another user, Zhukov-74, highlighted the subjectivity of the wording, as what constitutes “intimate body parts” and a “prolonged period of time” can be open to interpretation. Commenters even proposed the idea of a rotating, multicamera hot tub setup that could potentially evade detection under these new rules.

Pessimism and Optimism Regarding Streamers’ Response

While some users expressed pessimism towards streamers finding ways to exploit the new rule, others believed that Twitch had purposely left the wording subjective to have more control over its enforcement. “This is a subjective rule, and as such, there’s no way to exploit it like that,” argued EnjoyerOfBeans. “There will be an actual human reviewing the big channels, and they can see the obvious.”

Streamers Remain Resourceful in the Face of Restrictions

Despite the debates surrounding how Twitch will enforce this rule, there is a general sentiment among viewers that streamers in the Hot Tub, Pools, and Beaches category will retaliate and continue to find clever ways to produce content. “The game of whack-a-mole continues,” wrote u/Oreyon. “Little do they know, the ingenuity and resourcefulness of hot tub streamers cannot be stopped.”

This guideline change will officially take effect on March 29, and Twitch moderators, as well as viewers, are eagerly awaiting to see what unfolds next on the platform.

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