Phreak ignites discussion on the underestimated effort of LoL laners in understanding the demands of jungling

By Ishaan Khatri
Phreak ignites discussion on the underestimated effort of LoL laners in understanding the demands of jungling

Is Jungling the Most Difficult Role in League of Legends?

League of Legends players have been debating the difficulty of different roles in the game for years, and now a developer has added a new perspective to the conversation. In a recent Patch 14.7 preview, former caster and game developer Phreak sparked a debate by suggesting that one of the biggest sources of tension in the game is between junglers and the rest of their team. According to Phreak, laners don’t fully appreciate the challenges of jungling.

This statement prompted a discussion on the official League subreddit, with players from various roles sharing their opinions. Many agreed that while laners may not fully understand junglers, the reverse is also true. It can be equally problematic when junglers expect constant follow-up from their laners or when laners constantly demand more ganks. Both sides need to consider their teammates’ game state instead of solely focusing on their own needs.

For example, when a jungler invades the enemy’s side of the map and encounters the opposing team, laners may not always be able to leave their lane to help. They may be involved in their own skirmish or need to manage their waves to prevent falling behind. In such situations, laners need to prioritize their own performance rather than immediately assisting the jungler.

Understand the game completely before you complain about it. Image via Riot Games

On the other hand, some laners may request ganks from their junglers without realizing that they too are fighting to maintain an advantage against the opposing jungler. Junglers have multiple responsibilities, such as stealing camps, securing neutral objectives, and focusing on successful lanes. It’s important for laners to understand and respect these priorities.

Ultimately, both laners and junglers need to have a greater awareness of the overall game state before complaining about their teammates’ actions. They should assess whether a situation genuinely requires assistance and then communicate with their team accordingly.

It’s clear that the debate about the difficulty of roles in League of Legends will continue, but it’s important for players to remember that teamwork and understanding between roles are vital for success in the game.

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