Seraphine ascends from double support tactics to dominate the ADC meta in LoL Patch 14.3

Seraphine Disrupts ADC Meta with High Win Rate

Seraphine, the ever-problematic pink-haired champion, is shaking up the ADC meta in League of Legends. Despite the rise of other bot lane compositions, double-enchanter bot lanes are making a comeback.

Seraphine’s Domination in ADC Position

Following recent changes to the bot lane meta, Seraphine has reemerged as a strong ADC. Currently, she boasts a formidable 54-percent win rate across all Elos, as reported by popular League stats websites like OP.GG and U.GG.

From Gold Income Exploit to Lane Bully

Seraphine’s resurgence as a dominant ADC comes after two consecutive patches where she exploited a gold income trick. However, she now returns to her powerful state as a lane bully, surpassing more traditional ADCs.

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