The Rise of Cypher: From VALORANT’s Weakest Agent to a Must-Have Pick

By Arjun Nair 67 Views

Cypher: A New Strategy in VALORANT

During a recent game of VALORANT, one of my teammates on the attacker spawn in Breeze came up with a plan. Although their idea was simple, it proved to be effective. Their strategy was to rotate if we encountered the agent known as Cypher. Surprisingly, this approach worked in our favor.

The Evolution of Cypher in VALORANT

Cypher, the Moroccan spy in VALORANT, was not a frequently discussed figure before matches. Players would actually prefer facing Cypher over other agents like Killjoy or Chamber. The reason for this preference was that his strategies were relatively easy to counter using tools like Skye’s dog or Yoru’s clone. Additionally, Cypher’s ultimate, which used to reveal enemies only once, was not very impactful. As a result, he was not a popular choice among players. However, everything changed with the release of Patch 7.09.

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