Play Overwatch 2’s Latest Hero Venture this Weekend with a Full Kit Reveal

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Overwatch 2: Playable Test of Newest Hero Venture This Weekend

In an exciting announcement, Blizzard revealed that players will have the opportunity to dive into Overwatch 2 with its newest hero, Venture, in a playable test happening this weekend.

Venture, the new damage hero, will be available for play from March 28 to 31. In addition to this, Blizzard has also unveiled Venture’s entire kit, providing players with a glimpse into their abilities.

The full kit for Venture. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Venture’s weapon, the Smart Excavator, launches a seismic charge that detonates after traveling a short distance. In addition to this, their Ultimate ability unleashes damaging shockwaves onto the battlefield. Venture also possesses two passives: the first grants temporary shields when using abilities, and the second allows their quick melee attack to deal increased damage.

Their abilities include Burrow, which enables them to move underground and become invulnerable before emerging to deal damage in the surrounding area. Additionally, Drill Dash propels Venture forward, pushing enemies in their path.

The highly anticipated release of Venture will take place in Overwatch 2’s season 10, scheduled to begin on April 16. Players can look forward to experimenting with Venture’s unique abilities and integrating them into their gameplay strategies.

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