XQc’s Redemption in Counter-Strike: Impressive Deagle Ace

By Arjun Nair
xQc smiling with his thumb up

XQC Shows Off His Skills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

For a long time, xQc’s name has been associated with one disastrous clip from his time playing Counter-Strike. But now, he’s proving that he’s capable of much more than that.

A Historic Lowlight

One of the most infamous xQc clips is titled “xQc Performs The Worst Round In CS:GO History.” It’s a video that has gained a lot of attention on his official clips channel on YouTube. The clip showcases a round where xQc makes countless mistakes, from failed grenades to shooting his own teammate. Needless to say, it’s not a shining moment for him.

A Redemption Story

Despite the notoriety of that clip, xQc has always had impressive aim in Counter-Strike. In a more recent clip, he demonstrated his skill once again with an incredible Deagle ace. This time, he made some amazing shots and showed off his sharpshooting abilities, even if his decision-making was questionable.

An Unbelievable Ace

In what could be considered his “clip of the year,” xQc managed to get an ace with the Deagle, despite being the last player alive and trapped in a difficult position on Mirage. The ace came at a critical moment in the game, after his team had lost the pistol round, breaking the economy of the opposing team. Maybe it was the $500 wager from his teammate that motivated him to pull off this impressive feat.

Luck may have played a role in this extraordinary play, as xQc is no stranger to it when it comes to opening cases in Counter-Strike. But regardless of luck, it’s still an incredible highlight.


xQc is known for his controversial moments, but he’s also shown that he has the skills to back up the hype. From his infamous lowlight to his recent Deagle ace, he is making a name for himself in the Counter-Strike world. It’s exciting to see what he will do next and how he will continue to improve his gameplay. Stay tuned for more amazing plays from xQc in the future.

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