Impressions of Overwatch 2 Venture: Unleashing a Force of Damage and Mobility with a Drill

By Arjun Nair
Impressions of Overwatch 2 Venture: Unleashing a Force of Damage and Mobility with a Drill

Venture: Overwatch 2’s Newest Damage Hero

After playing just a few matches as Venture, Overwatch 2’s newest damage hero, I’m already convinced that they will be nerfed before the launch of season 10. They are incredibly strong.

Venture’s ability kit is impressively powerful in a variety of ways in OW2. Their main method of attack and defense is using a drill, which allows them to deal strong damage while also having multiple escape options.

Their primary fire, Smart Excavator, launches a seismic charge that deals good damage and has a minor area of effect. It can finish off damage heroes and supports with just a few direct hits. The travel time before exploding is short, similar to Sigma’s primary fire.

Where Venture truly shines is their abilities, boosted by their Explorer’s Resolve passive. This passive grants them 40 shields that last for a few seconds every time they use one of their abilities.

One of the strongest new abilities is Burrow, which allows Venture to dig a hole and move around underground. This makes them invulnerable to damage and cleanses debuffs like burning or Ana’s anti-heal grenade. They can also charge up a powerful attack before emerging from underground.

Their second ability, Drill Dash, launches Venture forward about 10 meters, damaging enemies and knocking them backward. This ability is not only useful for dealing damage, but also for escaping harm’s way.

Tectonic Shock, their ultimate, fires four charges of blasts at ground level, dealing moderate damage and knocking enemies into the air.

Venture’s melee ability, Clobber, is also powerful. The longer their drill makes contact with an enemy, the more damage it does. However, successive attacks are slower.

Venture’s kit sets them apart from the rest of the roster in OW2. They feel truly unique and bring a sense of originality to the game.

As a tank main who can’t aim very well, I had a great time playing as Venture. They feel incredibly strong and their kit is a lot of fun.

I believe that Venture will receive a balancing pass before the launch of season 10. It wouldn’t be surprising to see some of their damage numbers decrease or cooldowns increase, as it currently feels too easy to escape engagements.

You have the opportunity to play as Venture during this weekend’s test trial from March 28 to 31. Don’t miss out on the chance to try out this powerful new hero.

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