Discord introduces pricey VALORANT profile cosmetics and effects in its store

By Arjun Nair
Clove wallpaper from VALORANT

VALORANT and Discord Collaboration Offers Limited-Time Agent-Themed Avatars and Profiles

To celebrate the release of the newest controller agent Clove, VALORANT and Discord have teamed up to bring players some exclusive limited-time avatar and profile effects. These unique cosmetics are now available for purchase, but they come with a somewhat high price tag.

The limited-time agent-themed avatar decorations and profile effects can be found at the top of the Discord client store. However, each of these cosmetics costs $15.99, or $11.99 for paid Nitro subscribers. There are five animated avatar decorations, each representing a different agent – Clove, Omen, Reyna, Jett, and an in-game ace effect. Additionally, there are three profile effects, two for Clove and one ace-themed effect.

If you scroll down to the other selections in the store, you’ll find that similar items typically range between $6 and $12 for non-Nitro users. Nitro users, on the other hand, enjoy discounted prices and even have access to a small collection of free effects. While the VALORANT-themed profile and avatar effects are undeniably stylish, some players might find them a bit too pricey.

It’s worth considering that VALORANT players are known for their willingness to spend on in-game skins and bundles. Some bundles cost over 10,000 VALORANT points, which is roughly equivalent to $100. While it’s unclear how many players are willing to purchase the higher-priced bundles, we do know that the Champions bundles, which support competing esports teams and cost around $60 worth of VP, have generated millions in sales. For example, the Champions 2023 bundle brought in $40 million in sales, with half of that revenue going to teams, and it was still available for purchase for another week.

As mentioned earlier, the VALORANT-themed Discord effects are only available for a limited time until May 7.

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