League player’s Teemo strategy rescues game with nearly 2 dozen base planted mushrooms

Teemo’s Ultimate Base Defense Saves the Game

During a recent League of Legends match, a player demonstrated a clever strategy to defend their team’s base and turn the tide of the game. Playing as Teemo, the player set up a minefield of Noxious Traps to stop the enemy team from destroying their Nexus.

The enemy team had the advantage with the Mountain Soul and Elder Dragon buffs, making them a formidable force. However, the player strategically placed numerous Noxious Traps near their Nexus, creating a lethal area that the enemy had to navigate through.

In a critical moment of the game, an enemy Malphite attempted to charge at the Nexus using their Unstoppable Force ability. However, they ran over several mushrooms, severely damaging their chances in the ensuing teamfight. Additionally, the enemy AD carry stepped on multiple Noxious Traps, resulting in their immediate death.

With the enemy team weakened and retreating, an allied Rengar player capitalized on the opportunity and secured three kills on the low-health targets. This allowed the Teemo player’s team to push into the enemy base and destroy their Nexus before they could respawn.

The game was in its late stages, and the death timers for each player were relatively long. The Teemo player’s team took advantage of this situation and swiftly made their way down the mid lane, successfully ending the game.

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In short, Teemo’s clever placement of Noxious Traps saved the game for their team, allowing them to secure victory against all odds.

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